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1. Find wines you like to buy

You can search using multiple selections on our search bar, by simply selecting all the possible choices you want to see. The search filters will be set back to blank, once your search is completed. We have also many kind of gift sets and tasting sets prepared for you in our gift section, or you might want to tailor make your own gift set by choosing from box type, wrapping paper style and add even a personalized greeting card to your gift set.

If you find a product that you would like to purchase, choose amount that you would like to buy by choosing bumbers from the scroll bar. You can also view details of the product by clicking the product picture or the name of the product.

2. Add Product to the cart

Click on the “ADD TO CART” button to add product into your cart. You’ll return to the same page from where you add product in the cart.

By clicking at the bottom right corner you can see how many products are added into your cart. Your shopping cart will look like below:

3. Changing cart item

You can change your cart item any time from your shopping cart. Change the quantity of item from the box and Click “Update” button to update quantity for that item. If you want to remove an item just click on the “Remove” link of the corresponding product.

If you would like to order more products, please click category from the left menu of the page or press “back” to go back the previous page and proceed with Step 1 again.

If you are finished, please press “Check Out” button and proceed to Checkout section.

4. Choose payment method and order

Please fill in all the boxes unless you have a customer code already. If you have a customer code you can simply skip filling in all the boxes by inputting customer code at the very top of all the boxes. Then choose payment method and press

.After that follow the instruction and complete the order.


Ordering by email You can choose from credit card or COD for orders delivered in Japan only. For Vintage Wine orders only payment by credit card will be accepted. Please contact us for large or special Orders. Your credit card data is handled on a secure server environment. Should you however prefer to send us your credit card details by Fax, please send us the information to the following Fax no. Tokyo (03) 5702-0621, and proceed with your order as COD Order, mentioning Credit Card Fax payment in the Greeting Card field of the checkout section.

We are a licensed mail order distributor for alcoholic beverage in Japan.

Young people under 20 years are not allowed to take alcoholic beverage.

According to Japanese law mail orders should be limited to 24 bottles per order.