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NetWine Members Privileges

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You can enjoy the following privileges when enrolling to our free membership club

The Lowest Prices

At NetWine we have been able to offer prices that are significantly lower than the recommended retail price, in addition we are offering our members a further 15% off the Internet price.

Free Wine With Reward Points

Reward points are also awarded with each purchase and can be exchanged for NetWine products. Members may use their points for their next purchase or save them, as there is no expiry date. Member status changes according to the amount purchased during the year from Gold, Diamond and Platinum Members. Extra points are rewarded as the Members status increases, from the initial level of 1 point for each 100 yen spent to 3 times, 5 times, and a maximum of 10 times, in other words 10 points for every 100 yen spent which means ANOTHER 10% off NetWine products.

What are reward points?

Members can collect reward points through various methods. One point has a NetWine value of one yen. Member can use the points for shopping or can save them for another time. Please feel free to use them as you like. There is no expiry date.

Points are awarded as soon as a customer has enrolled as a registered NetWine Member. 1 point is awarded for every 100yen purchase. The points will increase according to the status of the member as follows:

  1. Gold Member(minimum annual purchase of 150,000 yen)3 points are awarded for every 100 yen.
  2. Platinum Member(minimum annual purchase of 250,000 yen)5 points are awarded for every 100 yen.
  3. Diamond Member(minimum annual purchase of 1,000,000 yen)10 points are awarded for every 100 yen.
  • When a member introduces a new member they are awarded 1 point for every 100-yen spent by the newly introduced member; see `How to shop’.
  • Extra points may be awarded for organizing a NetWine tasting party.

Wine tasting

  1. Members may participate in Wine tasting events sponsored by NetWine.
  2. The member may arrange his/her Wine tasting in association with NetWine.

Members can arrange their own wine tasting parties. NetWine will prepare a suitable selection of wines and also provide other materials such as tasting sheets etc. This can be arranged in a variety of locations from the home, office or at a restaurant.

The latest information.

We will provide information including special offers, new additions to our wine lists, vintage wine information, ideas for gifts and presents, event and restaurant information.

Easy shopping

A member may register several addresses on the system allowing convenient delivery to the address you need. This also allows the member to register family addresses and effortlessly send gifts or birthday presents.

Restaurant advantages

Through NetWine’s association with the Japanese restaurant industry we will be bringing our members a host of special offers when you dine at NetWine affiliated restaurants.

NetWine is a service for you, the wine lover, to get more out of wine. Providing you with information to allow you to select the perfect wine for the perfect occasion and ensure that your wines are the ultimate complement to your dinner party or empower you with the knowledge to choose an excellent wine in the restaurant.

Members may participate in parties sponsored by NetWine. These parties are designed for all members, beginner or wine expert. You will able to meet a host of other people with a common goal, to enjoy themselves and enjoy drinking wine.